Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Live Blogging March 11 on religion in schools

I will be live blogging on the issue of allowing religious groups into public schools for the purpose of distributing their materials (the Bible, Quran, Dianetics and the like).

The local school board in Niagara recently passed a resolution allowing all religious groups to hand out materials to grade five students and give them a presentation on their respective religion. The school claims its for "information only" but how many religious groups about handing out bibles just to inform people? They are looking for converts pure and simple and are looking to use our public schools as a means to have a captive audience of very young minds.

I wrote a column on this for the St. Catharines Standard recently that you can read here:

The live blog will start at 8 pm, Thursday March 11. Hope to see you there: