Sunday, March 23, 2008

Reasonable Faith


Anonymous said...

Hey Grant,

This video is great. I came across your blog after googling your name after last night's debate with Barker/Youngren. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the debate as well. I attended with a couple of my theistic friends (I'm no longer a Christian, but was pretty into it and even went to Bible College.)

Anyway, I think I'll send this to them as it's exactly what we were talking about on the drive home after the debate....


Grant LaFleche said...

Hi there! Welcome the Handbook.

I will be posting a blog entry about the debate tonight and hopefully add some photos as I get them.


miohippus said...

Great job as moderator at the debate the other night Grant!

I was somewhat disappointed at the theme of the event however. I agree with what Barker said, that he wasn't there to disprove the existance of God, it was up to Youngren to prove that God exists. Since Youngren and ilk have no proof, what's the point of the debate? the debate was over before it started.

If the opportunity should present itself again, how about something along the lines of whether or not the bible or the qu'ran is a relevant moral guide in today's world?

Grant LaFleche said...


Thanks! I agree that Peter did not really rise to Dan's challenge.

I will be, hopefully tonight, post my recap of the debate and my own views of it. So stay tuned.

As for future debates, I will likely be debating with a professor of theology at the library in September.