Thursday, October 30, 2008

If there was a god...

Horst Klaus is a founding member of the Niagara Secular Humanists, a group which advocates the importance of secularism and the separation of church and State. Horst's recent essay "If there was a God..." is the first by a guest writer to appear here on the Atheist's Handbook.

If there was a god...
Essay by secular Humanist/Atheist Horst Klaus ....

If there was a god WHY...

Would “He”have created micro organisms such as good and bad bacteria long before multi-cell organism, and long, long before mammals, primates and humans?
Why did he create killer cells such as cancer cells and viruses ? Why would a single sting
from a tsetse fly kill a human being? Why could a sting from a malaria-carrying mosquito
kill a person?

Why create the physically poor human body in his image? Why do other living creatures,
such as other land or sea mammals, birds and fish have either much superior eyesight,
hearing, sense of smell - why do they have either fur, feathers, thick blubber or other
natural protection?

Why would “He” let devout believers die in major accidents in the same way, and along
with atheists and members of other religious groups? No matter if it is a man-made disaster
or a natural one!

Why would “He” let earthquakes happen, often causing the death of thousands of believers
and atheists? Why did “He” create Tsunamis and volcanoes?

Why did “He” choose this planet to create life after the origin of the solar system had
already existed about 10 billion years earlier, and after the “Big Bang”? Four and a half
billion years ago Earth was totally hostile to any life and multi-cell life that only developed
approximately 500 million years ago.

Why did “He” choose this less than perfect, hostile planet , an insignificant speck amongst
possibly trillions of planets? A planet where even now about 70% is covered by oceans plus
more by thick ice and another large portions of the planet is either too cold, under
permafrost or otherwise not suitable to most living organisms? There are at least 200
billion star systems in our own galaxy alone, many with planets. Conservative estimates are
that the universe contains at least 100 billion galaxies.

Why did so many living organisms have to die long before primates appeared, long before
humans? 95% of all early life is extinct, mostly due to impacts from extraterrestrial objects
such as meteorites, asteroids and lately thanks to human influence?

Why would “He” supposedly have “created” the entire universe, the sun and our planet
Earth and Adam and Eve, only to have his only son to be born to a middle eastern virgin?
Why would “He” let so many different religions develop when only one is his own, the
Judaic/Christian/Islamic version? Why would “He” let them fight and kill each other, often
in the name of a god or a scripture of opposing religions?

Why would “He” wait and let scientists discover treatments and cures for a multitude of
often fatal illnesses? Why can these medications and treatments not be found in the bible?
Why let them develop in the first place?

Now one of my biggest beefs:
If a loving God created all life on Earth, why did “He” create so many carnivores born to
kill other creatures or born to be eaten alive. Humans are amongst them.

Why would humans have been chosen to rule over the domain of the animals? After all, we
multiply the same, we are born the same way as other mammals, feed the same way and
often bleed the same way. After death, we decay the same way.
Why do we have oil reserves under-ground, when according to the scripture “He” created
a flat planet Earth only 6000 to 8000 years ago? It takes oil hundreds of millions of years to

Why would “He” support one political party, one particular political leader or one football
team, and not the other?

If God “created” everything and all life on Earth, “He” must have created homosexual
genes in humans also, as homosexuality is proven to be genetic. Hundreds of other animals
also engage in “same sex games”.

If God determines life and death, why do devout believers seek medical help at clinics and
hospitals? Is it not God’s will to decide when and how we die?

Another one of my favorites: Why did God give us two lungs, two arms, two leags, two
eyes, two kidneys, and men even have two useless nipples - but “He” gave us only one of the
most important organs, ONLY ONE HEART! Not really intelligent design?

To me and millions of Atheists, Humanists, religious Freethinkers and all those who have
given up accepting ancient religious teachings, look at them at best as unproven legends or
at worst gruesome fairytales !


And our numbers are growing!

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miohippus said...

Does Hort Klaus believe in aliens visiting us here on Earth? Does he have any evidence to back up his claims?